Program Overview

The Intensive Advanced Legal English Program is a collaboration between Osgoode Professional Development and York University’s English Language Institute. We’ve partnered to develop a language learning program that’s designed specifically for internationally-trained lawyers who need to enhance their professional communication skills. Designed to equip students with the legal language and writing skills they will need to be successful in graduate legal study, and ultimately their legal career in Canada.

Students who complete this program and go on to enroll in Osgoode’s Professional LLM or Graduate Diploma program may be eligible for a bursary to help fund their studies.

Why Choose this Program

Learning in Context – The program immerses learners in real-world legal scenarios, facilitating a deep understanding of specialized vocabulary and terminology. By integrating language skills within legal contexts, students not only enhance their communication abilities but also develop the practical knowledge needed for drafting legal documents, engaging in legal discussions, and navigating complex case law.

Real World Experience – Language Institute instructors are joined regularly by law instructors and practicing lawyers who provide instruction on case law and legal precedents, to help students develop an understanding of how legal language is used in real-world scenarios. This exposure is important for building practical language skills relevant to the legal profession.

Community – Students in the program are internationally-trained lawyers from across the globe, who share the common goal of excelling in the legal profession. This collaborative environment provides invaluable opportunities for shared experiences and support, both in the classroom and beyond, as you collectively navigate your academic and professional journeys.

IALE Graduate Bursary – Invest in yourself, and we’ll invest in you. Graduates of the Intensive Advanced Legal English program, who go on to enroll in Osgoode Professional Development’s Professional LLM or Graduate Diploma in Foundations of Canadian Law are eligible for a bursary of $3000 (for domestic students) or $6000 (for international students) to help fund their graduate study. See below for details.

Program Information

The program has two in-takes per year:

TypeTerm & ScheduleFormat
Full-TimeFall (~16 weeks September – December)In-person
Part-TimeSummer (~12 weeks May-July)Hybrid – Online/In-person

For detailed information about course schedule and fees see here.

Admission Requirements

  • Minimum requirement 6.5 IELTS or equivalent
  • Law degree from outside of Canada

IALE Graduate Bursary – Eligibility Requirements and Process

Eligibility: The IALE Graduate Bursary is for Professional LLM and Graduate Diploma in Foundations of Canadian Law students who have completed the Intensive Advanced Legal English Program (IALE).

Application Required: To apply, use the Osgoode Professional Development Bursary application in your second term of your LLM/Diploma program. Proof of successful completion of IALE will be required. You cannot apply for the bursary in advance.

Amounts: Domestic students will receive $3,000 and international students will receive $6,000. Domestic/international status is determined based on your current status. You can only get the bursary once, and you need to apply in your second term. If you do another LLM/Diploma program, you can’t get a second bursary.