Read about OsgoodePD’s alumni spotlights and learn about their career journeys and experiences taking the Professional LLM.

Administrative Law

Manu Sud

Manu is a manager of business analytics at Fasken in Toronto. Manu reflects on his varied skillsets and achievements across industries – including engineering, finance, technology and the public sector – and how obtaining an LLM helped him fulfill his goals.

Amanda Wickett

Amanda is a partner at McDougall Gauley LLP. Amanda shares her journey from public to private practice, balancing her work, studies and family life, and how she accomplished her goals through learnings during her Professional LLM.

Business Law

Rehan Qureshi

Rehan is the head of services for the Cloud Practice at Google. With over 20 years of experience as a technology and business solutions leader, Rehan discusses how he found the Professional LLM to be a fantastic program to round out and enhance his education.

Maood Tahir


Maood is a Crown attorney at the Ontario Ministry of the Attorney General. Maood details the facets of Osgoode’s Professional LLM that he appreciated, including the top tier faculty, the relationships gained, and the structure of the program which made it easy to balance his studies alongside full-time employment.

Jonathan Pinto

Jonathan is a chief client officer at TMX Investor Solutions at TMX Group. Jonathan shares his experience during his LLM studies that helped him get to where he is today, alongside providing advice for lawyers and non-legal professionals who are considering Osgoode’s Professional LLM for themselves.

Canadian Common Law

Sam Ghawi

Sam is an associate lawyer with Allan Snelling LLP. Sam details his journey as an internationally trained lawyer that led him to pursuing Osgoode’s Professional LLM, and how it culminated in him practising law in Canada.

Dian Thompson

Dian is an intellectual property lawyer and a member of the Trademark and Copyright Law practice groups. Dian details her experience with pursuing an LLM and how it was everything that she had hoped for as it prepared her for practising law in Canada.

Yulia Vasilyeva

Yulia is a lawyer at Jones & Co. Yulia explains how pursuing Osgoode’s Professional LLM gave her a sense of community, which she credits for her sense of longstanding and important relationships.

Constitutional Law

Tyna Mason

Tyna has been legal counsel with British Columbia’s Ministry of the Attorney General since 2000. Tyna shares with us her experience of returning back to school after 25 years to take the Professional LLM and what a valuable experience it really was.

Jena Karim

Jena is based in the U.S, working in the in the high-stakes international development field to strengthen new democracies around the world. Jena shares how pursuing the Professional LLM over a JD degree enabled her to gain the knowledge she needed for her unique line of work.

Criminal Law and Procedure Law

Jacob Stilman

Jacob practises as a litigation lawyer and has represented thousands of clients at trials, appeals, and hearings. Jacob shares how Osgoode’s Professional LLM re-kindled his enthusiasm for law after having practiced for over two decades.

Dispute Resolution Law

Mike Lamothe

Mike is a labour relations officer at the Ottawa Police Association. Mike explains how the knowledge that he has gained from pursuing Osgoode’s Professional LLM has filled in gaps left by his formal education and has resulted in him being more effective within his career.

Sandhya Kohli

Sandhya works as a mediator and conflicts consultant. Sandhya was looking to learn more about the various methods of conflict resolution that fall under the umbrella of alternative dispute resolution, which led her to the Professional LLM.

Energy and Infrastructure Law

Marty Venalainen

Marty Venalainen, alumnus of the part-time Professional LLM in Energy and Infrastructure Law

Marty is currently serving as Director on Infrastructure Ontario’s Transaction Legal team. He shares how his personal convictions have motivated his professional decisions and led him to enroll in Osgoode’s Professional LLM in Energy and Infrastructure Law.

Manish Paul

Manish is a project management professional at Hydro One. Manish reflects on his credibility in conversations with stakeholders at multiple levels in capital projects, and how it has been enhanced by obtaining Osgoode’s Professional LLM.

Yakov Radyushin

Yakov established his own law firm, Radyushin Law. With a penchant for learning and passion for law, he knew he could increase the quality of his legal energy and infrastructure knowledge by obtaining Osgoode’s Professional LLM.

Financial Law

Jason Dutrizac

Jason is a Current Student Ambassador (CSA) in the Professional LLM as well as a commercial litigation lawyer. Jason shares with us his experience of transitioning more into corporate commercial work as well as bankruptcy and insolvency after the Professional LLM.

Joanne Thornton

Joanne is the Bank of Montreal’s head of Volcker Rule Compliance Office. After years of going over different options, Joanne describes the unique aspects of Osgoode’s Professional LLM and the career benefits that it has in terms of day-to-day applicability and future growth opportunities.

Justice Agyemang

Justice Agyemang, alumnus of the part-time Professional LLM in Financial Law

Justice, now a senior legal counsel in the commercial banking, global trade and receivables finance department at HSBC Bank Canada, shares his journey into financial law and discusses how the part-time Professional LLM in Financial Law helped to expand his network and give him a more holistic view of the industry.

General Law

Cherie Daniel

Cherie Daniel’s was looking to bridge the two elements of her career in law and education. After a while of looking for a general law degree to help pivot her practice to new areas of law, she settled on the Osgoode Professional LLM in General Law.

Solange Espinoza

Solange is co-founder of Freymar Consulting. Solange helps Canadian companies and other organizations understand Mexico’s legal/policy environment. The Professional LLM helped her apply her deep knowledge of Mexican law in Canada.

Foundations of Canadian Law Graduate Diploma

Yanki Gur

Yanki is an international student from Turkey who completed the Graduate Diploma Program, and moved on to pursue the Canadian Common Law LLM. She describes her journey to become licensed to practise in Canada.

Thais Menezes

Thais is an international student from Brazil who has worked at the Superior Court of Justice (Brazil). She comes from a civil law background and explains how pursuing the Graduate Diploma Program was the best decision she’s made in her life.

Health Law

Dr. Sandra Donnelly

Sandra is a clinical nephrologist at William Osler Health System and an associate professor at University of Toronto Faculty of Medicine. Sandra shares her thoughts on Osgoode’s Professional LLM for those considering the program while discussing the value that it has brought to her life.

Dr. Qaiser Fahim

Qaiser is a clinical ethicist at Trillium Health Partners. Qaiser reflects on the nature of Osgoode’s Professional LLM and how the program provided him with a deeper understanding of how to navigate the ethical complexities of his profession.

Danielle Douek

Danielle Douek, alumna of the part-time Professional LLM in Health Law

Danielle is a partner at Lerners LLP, where she defends health professionals as a member of the health law group. Danielle discusses how an Osgoode LLM in Health Law allowed her to combine her interest in medicine with her legal profession and helped to change the direction of her career.

Intellectual Property law

Yonida Koukio

Yonida is a business and intellectual property lawyer at Oziel Law. Yonida shares her LLM journey, including taking courses to meet NCA requirements, making strategic connections and engaging in extracurriculars.

Ashkan Alavi

Ashkan Alavi, alumnus of the part-time Professional LLM in Intellection Property Law

Ashkan is senior manager of patent technology for TDBank Group. Ashkan shares how his interest and science and technology eventually led him to Osgoode’s Professional LLM in Intellectual Property Law to round out his knowledge of IP Law and to complement his practical experience with patents and trademarks.

International Business Law

Ramanuj Basu

Ramanuj is a senior manager working in the Economic Sanctions compliance office for a Canadian bank. Ramanuj credits his internship, facilitated through Osgoode, on forming the basis for him to establish credibility in the Canadian market.

Bianca Tedesco

Bianca is a lawyer at EY Law LLP. Bianca discusses the academic and social experiences during her LLM studies that helped her get to where she is today.

Labour and Employment Law

Allison Cheron

Allison is the director of the Client Service Centre at the Law Society of Ontario. Allison describes what made Osgoode’s Professional LLM the perfect fit for her continuous learning goals, and how the program exposed her to a world-class faculty and peers with multidisciplinary backgrounds.

Privacy and Cybersecurity Law

Rene Mendizabal

Rene is a privacy research lawyer for a privacy compliance software company. Although Rene works with privacy on the daily basis, the Professional LLM gave him the opportunity to see it all in a different context which was extremely useful in his career.

Securities Law

Jason Alcorn

Jason is a senior legal counsel and special advisor with the Financial and Consumer Services Commission in Saint John, New Brunswick. As an experienced securities regulator, Jason shares how obtaining an LLM has assisted him to better handle practical issues that arise with his work.

Harvey Naglie

Harvey Naglie, alumnus of the part-time Professional LLM in Securities Law

Harvey has served on investor and consumer advisory panels for both the Ontario Securities Commission and the Financial Services Regulatory Authority of Ontario and is currently a board member at financial consumer watchdog FAIR Canada. He shares how the insights he gained during his decade as a government advisor – combined with the new skills acquired from his securities law LLM – were vital in his new incarnation as a consumer rights advocate.

Taxation Law

David Cade

David is a senior tax analyst in the International Tax Group at Deloitte LLP. David describes how he could indulge in research and paper writing while completing his program, which ultimately lead him to receive the CTF-Fasken Martineau DuMoulin Award for the best Ontario paper of 2020-21.

Heather Evans

Heather is the Executive Director and CEO of the Canadian Tax Foundation. Heather spent many years as a tax lawyer before she became one of the earliest graduates of Osgoode’s Professional LLM in Taxation Law.

Juan Carlos Diaz Garcia

Juan is an alumnus of the Taxation Law LLM and a current student in Osgoode’s Canadian Common Law LLM. Juan discusses his journey to obtaining an LLM in Taxation Law, which includes overcoming the challenges of transitioning from a civil law to a common law jurisdiction, and highlights the array of services available to support international students at Osgoode.

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