Lawyers increasingly need to be familiar with the diversity and complexity of financial products available in today's capital markets. This course introduces a variety of specialized instruments, which may attract securities regulatory requirements. It considers the advantages and disadvantages of using certain products to raise capital and how these transactions are typically structured from a corporate finance point of view. It also examines the specialized offering documents required for these products to be marketed. Specific topics include: varieties of derivatives contracts; the new prospectus rules; targeted shares; PREP Offerings Non- Fixed Price; asset-backed Securitizations Offerings; strip bonds; takeover bids and issuer bids; subordinated debentures; arrangements and other voting; transactions; SARs; preferred shares; use of "plain language" offering; documents; hybrid securities documents; restricted shares; Internet offerings; and POP/Shelf System.


Students who are not in the Securities Law LLM program must have successfully completed SELA 6118P - Foundations of Securities Law and/or SELA 6119 Securities Law - Theoretical Approaches or have a professional background in securities law.

Anti-requisite: LAW 6741 - Products, Transactions and Legal Structures

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