This course critically assesses, at an advanced level, current academic and practitioner thinking in corporate law, policy and research in light of North American and international developments in corporate governance. Particular attention is given to how these developments are situated within theories of corporate governance and within the history of the development of corporate governance law in Canada and internationally. This course explores corporate governance in relation to financial and non-financial accountability and intends to equip students with the tools and analytical frameworks to understand and apply the roles, responsibilities, reporting obligations, liabilities and effectiveness of boards of directors, management, advisors (e.g., lawyers, auditors, compensation consultants, etc.), shareholders, regulators and other corporate stakeholders (e.g., labor, consumers, creditors, local communities and the environment) - in short, all participants reporting to, advising, impacting and sitting on boards of directors.


Pre-requisite: N/A

Anti-requisite: SELA 6744: Corporate Governance, Markets and Institutions (SELA), LAW 6749 - Corporate Governance

NCA equivalence:


Terms Offered

Fall 24

Video conference only

Course Section: A

3.0 credits

Fall 25

Course Section: A

3.0 credits

Fall 26

3.0 credits

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