This course provides a theoretical framework by considering the application of some contemporary theories of, and perspectives on, public administration and administrative law. Theoretical perspectives considered will include: liberalism and the rule of law; the functionalist critique; legal pluralism; critical theory; feminism; public choice theory; organizational theory. A focus of the course is the need to articulate theoretical bases for identifying appropriate roles for legislatures, agencies and courts in promoting through law democratic values and the protection of human rights in the administrative state.


Pre-Requisite: For students outside the specialization: ADLW 6740 Administrative Law: Overview and Current Developments; or CCLW 6842/6442: Canadian Administrative Law; or Demonstrated substantive knowledge on administrative law principles

Anti-requisite: LAW 6761 - Some Theoretical Perspectives on Public Law and Administration

NCA equivalence:


Terms Offered

Winter 26

3.0 credits

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