This course is designed to familiarize students with core research, analysis and writing skills. You will work extensively with the legal problem-solving skills required within a common law regime, becoming familiar with creating commonly used legal documents and critical analysis. The primarily assignment-based nature of this part of the course requires a significant and “steady” time commitment. The instructors assume that students will approach the course, and the assignments required as part of the course, in a professional manner.


This course is only open to students in the Graduate Diploma in Foundations of Canadian Law program; it is not open to LLM students.

Pre-requisite: N/A

Anti-requisite: GNRL 6209 - Legal Research and Writing for International Students (Online)

NCA equivalence:


Terms Offered

Winter 24

Course Section: M

3.0 credits

Winter 25

Course Section: M

3.0 credits

Fall 25

Course Section: A

3.0 credits

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