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OsgoodePD offers the broadest range of programs available in Canada for internationally trained lawyers. Whether you are looking to specialize with a professional graduate degree or start the process of qualifying to practise common law in Canada, there’s a learning option to suit your needs.

International Business Law LLM

This one-year, full-time professional graduate program is designed to give law graduates and lawyers from around the world advanced training in international business law.

Canadian Common Law LLM

The LLM in Canadian Common Law provides graduate-level education for internationally-trained lawyers and law graduates and Quebec civil law graduates who want to qualify to practise common law in Canada.

Professional LLM

Osgoode’s Professional LLM is the only program of its kind in Canada, with 14 unique specializations plus a general option that allows you to customize your program of study.

Research Stream Graduate Programs

Interested in Osgoode’s full-time, research stream LLM or PhD?

LLM Single Courses

Want to try the LLM experience, but not quite ready to commit? Choose from a selection of LLM courses offered each year as single courses and earn credit toward a Professional LLM.

JD Program Options

Apply to Osgoode Hall Law School’s JD program as a non-degree student to take NCA-required subjects.

NCA Exam Prep Course

A non-credit course to help prepare you for the National Committee on Accreditation Challenge Examinations.


Sharpen your skills and deepen your knowledge with an intensive OsgoodePD certificate program.