Are you ready for the new age of international commercial transactions?

Broaden your horizons and professional opportunities by learning about Canadian business law and related legal terminology.

What You’ll Learn

The foundations of tort and contract law as they relate to doing business with Canadians

How businesses are formed under Canadian law

The duties and rights of directors and shareholders

The major laws governing Canadian business operations

How to understand sophisticated contract language in English

How to draft legal and business documents in Canadian legal style

Who Should Apply?

Law students who are over 18 years of age and have taken a business law or corporate law course in their home jurisdiction

Recent law graduates interested in learning about Canadian business law and legal English

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Course Requirements

Students will take two courses on topics of interest within the special expertise of Osgoode Hall Law School faculty under the umbrella theme of “Canadian Business Law and Language”.

What You Can Expect

The Canadian Business Law and Language program is designed to be completed in three weeks (July 3-23). Classes will be held at the York University Keele Campus. 

Each in-class session is three hours in length, for a total of 39 in-class hours between the two courses. Students will complete final assignments for each course in the final week of the program.


Canadian Business Law

Instructor: Germán Morales Farah

The objective of this course is to provide students with an introduction to business law in Canada, including Contracts, Torts, and Business Organizations. In addition to traditional style lectures, the course is designed for students to critically engage with the material through participation in class exercises.

Students will be provided with a basic introduction to the law of the corporation, key alternative ways of forming a business and types of liability associated with these entities. Through this course, students will gain an understanding of corporate structures. In addition, we will examine the role of the corporation in contemporary global society by looking at policy considerations relating to corporate social responsibility as well as other ethical and theoretical considerations relevant to the broader business environment, with a particular focus on cross-border business relationships and transactions.

Legal English for Business Law

Instructor: Yuliya Miakisheva

This course functions as a companion to the Business Law course, providing opportunities for students to master vocabulary and language style for business law contexts. This highly interactive course will provide opportunities to practise speaking, listening, reading, and writing, including practical and academic exercises. Students will meet law graduates working in business law and participate in simulation exercises. On completion of this program, students will feel more comfortable and confident reading business law materials, engaging in correspondence in legal English, and discussing business law matters in English.

Course Evaluation


  1. 30% – Student participation/commentaries: To get full participation marks, students are expected to attend class, do the readings, come prepared to discuss them, and actively take part in class discussions. They are also expected to produce two short commentary pieces on the readings during each course (based on deadlines advertised by the professor at the beginning of the first day of class).
  2. 70% – Take-home exam: After the end of the program, students will be assigned two take-home examinations, to be submitted within three weeks following the conclusion of the program. All materials covered in the courses may be subject to examination.

Application Dates

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Tuition and Fees

Tuition (including accommodation)

$4,250 + HST

Tuition (excluding accommodation)

$3,000 + HST

Tuition Fee Includes:

Transit to and from the airport and a transit pass for events within Toronto

Cost of social events

Breakfast and lunch on days when classes are held

Admission Requirements

Law students who are over 18 years of age and have taken a business law or corporate law course in their home jurisdiction

Applicants with an English language proficiency level of 6.5 IELTS (or equivalent) or higher

How to Apply

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