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New Courses for Full-Time Taxation Law Students

December 4, 2023

Christine Briggs

Program Directors

Last spring, John Tobin was appointed as co-director of the Professional LLM in Taxation Law Program. John is a well-respected Canadian Tax lawyer, who is experienced in tax problem solving. He’s provided advice to many of Canada’s largest businesses and financial institutions. We’re thrilled that John has joined Professor Jinyan Li as a co-director of the program.

Curriculum Updates

The full-time version of the Taxation program took a pause in 2023 to allow for a curriculum review and update. The new courses reflect a comparative focus on practical and academic issues, which are important to the modern tax practitioner.

“We’re bringing a new focus to the program that will emphasize not just the ‘how,’ but also the ‘why’ of tax policy and law,” – John Tobin, Co-Director, Professional LLM in Taxation Law

Course Offerings 2024-2025

In the first term of the program, students take two courses:

1. Tax Policy, Statutory Interpretation and the Foundations of the Taxation of Individuals –  This is the mandatory foundation course for the program. The course focuses on the Income Tax Act, giving students the opportunity to deeply examine the practical and theoretical aspects of the Act. The course is co-taught by the co-directors of the LLM in Taxation Law, Professor Jinyan Li and John Tobin.

2. Comparative Tax Law – This is a brand-new course, co-taught by Professor Jinyan Li and Professor Ivan Ozai.  The Comparative course sets the stage for academic and professional success for full-time graduate students of taxation law, as they examine in more depth the underpinnings of the Canadian system as compared and contrasted with the systems of at least three other jurisdictions. 

In the second term of the program, most full-time students will take Corporate Tax I (required), International Tax and Taxation of Cross-Border Transactions. Alternative electives in Managerial Tax Planning and VAT will also be available.

In the final term of the program, full-time students will complete an advanced Corporate Tax course, Corporate Tax Transactions, Tax Administration and an advanced International Tax course. Some students may wish to complete an independent research paper – students in our program have a history of writing prize-winning papers as part of their degree.

Apply Now
Applications for Fall 2024 are open now – international applicants are encouraged to apply by January 15, 2024, but the final application deadline is May 1, 2024.

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